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Year 6 Westminster


Term 6

Collective Worship and Reflection

Our Value this term is Everyone Is Important. Each week we will look at a value that we use to help show that everyone is important to us. Our value this week is Generosity.

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Learning how to hold and make a sound using Ocarinas.


Using grid references and keys to locate and explain where things are using a map.


This is our PE, putting together a selection of balances and poses into a dance sequence. We have had to use team work and perseverance.

Science – Light and Reflection

We have been exploring light and how the eye perceives it. We have been reflecting light and experimenting with laser beams. This was such a fun and practical lesson. “I didn’t really understand how light bounces off objects, and how the eye actually sees before this unit on LIGHT but now I do. I think it’s been my favourite science unit so far.”

Excelsior Safeguarding – Need to Know Transition with James

Excelsior Safeguarding visited Year 6 today to warn of the dangers of Criminal Exploitation. We talked about Josh and how he was pressured into joining a gang and it ended with him getting into a lot of trouble. 

We discussed making good choices, the danger of social media if there are people we don’t know, some drug risks, peer pressure and understanding the consequences of taking risks. James is an policeman and told us that there are real dangers to being exploited and asked to do things for other people that are illegal in return for friendship and gifts. We had lots of sensible questions and acted in a mature manner. 

Handball PE