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Year 6 Afternoon Sessions

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Topic Links Week 4

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Friday 5th March – Music/Art
In todays lesson we will be discussing dynamics in music and then responding to a piece of classical music that uses dynamics to create an atmosphere. We will be using two videos from the BBC Ten Pieces webpage at – the Learn and Listen videos under “Musical Menu Dynamics” (fifth set down). We will also explore dynamics in rock and pop music, looking at how the effect they have on the listener using “Pretender” by Foo Fighters.

Thursday 4th March – Science
Today we are continuing to look at classification, recapping on the five main groups of animals and then looking at how we can go further, identifying animals within a group using dichotomous keys. The video to revise the main groups can be seen at There are some sheets to print out, but this is not essential. If you want to print out the animals and birds to sort then please feel free. The Bird Info file is just for extra information.

Tuesday 2nd March – Topic
Today we are looking at the layers of the rainforest. Follow the lesson notes and then conduct your own research on the animals and plants that we would find in each layer.
These websites are useful places to start your research: (This one is a 9 minute long video which we won’t watch in the lesson).,canopy%2C%20understorey%20and%20forest%20floor.
There is also a pdf below with some basic information about some rainforest animals and their adaptations.

Monday 1st March – RE
Please read through the lesson notes which contain below which contain the task for this afternoon. We are looking at Humanist Values. The lesson starts with a Powerpoint quiz. You may find it useful to watch this video first –
There is a also a sheet showing the speech bubbles showing the views of Humanists.

Friday 26th February – Music, Art and Spanish
If we have time for all three. OK so the Art and Music are combined, You will need to check out this on the BBC site and scroll down to the section called “Write a rhyming couplet and turn it into a work of art with writer and artist Angry Dan…”. Watch the video labelled FIRST – this is about a musical piece called “No place like…” Then watch the video labelled THEN. In this video Angry Dan (not his real name) discusses how to develop your own pen name – or arty alias – and then develop a rhyming couplet which you can turn into a work of art. You will need paper and drawing materials.

Thursday 25th February – Science
Please look at the lesson notes below. There is a worksheet that can be typed on (Word) or printed and written on (pdf) as you work through the lesson notes. There is a brief introductory video to set us off.

Tuesday 23rd February – Topic
Please look at the lesson notes. You can print off the maps below to complete the tasks, otherwise just use the maps on in the notes and follow the links to find out about where the rainforests are.

Video Link:
Where are Rainforests? (end task):

Monday 22nd February – RE
Please see the lesson notes and the worksheet below.
The video referred to in the lesson is at: