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Year 6 Topic

In Term 2 we are studying the sinking of the Titanic both as a vehicle for our writing (please see our English page) and as an historical event in itself.

In addition to following the English work, and research and notes you can create using the Internet will be really helpful.

Lesson 1: Identify primary and secondary sources. Primary sources are documents, recordings and artefacts from the time. Secondary sources are things that come from somewhere else about it. E.g. a menu from on board the Titanic is a primary source, a newspaper article about it is a secondary source. Can you sort the sources in the following file into primary and secondary sources? Please keep the sources as you will need them for the next lesson.

Lesson 2: Primary and secondary historical sources. Using the sources document, can you complete the following workbook.

Lesson 3: Causes of death during the sinking. Look at the following website and make notes about how people actually died as the Titanic sank.

Lesson 4: Using perspective to draw the Titanic. Use the step-be-step guide to draw your own Titanic.