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Year 6 Self Isolation Learning

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Some activities that we are doing in school will be posted here for you to keep up to date. We will not be posting on individual subject pages! Please remember that you should only do this learning if you are not absent because you are unwell. If you are ill, please rest and get better!

Week beginning: 18th October 2021

We are continuing the work on the Water Tower from the week beginning 4th October. We are writing Spike’s Story in three sections. The flipchart we are following is attached below.
Part 1: Spike runs from The Water Tower, through the Town and to the house to collect spare shorts for Bubba
Part 2: Spike sneaks into the house to collect them. He is terrified of getting caught. At some point he needs to accidentally make a noise which her worries about. This link is referred to in the lesson to think about how suspense is built.
Part 3: Spike returns to the Water Tower. As he approaches there is something very unusual. What is it?

We are continuing to look at division, including into decimals. Work through the examples in the lesson (Wk 7 Division) and then there are some extension sheets also attached. Any problems please contact your teacher through dojo.

Week beginning: 11th October 2021

The whole school is looking at Black History this week as it is Black History Month. In English we are looking at the work of two poets – Benjamin Zephaniah and Maya Angelou. Below is the series of lessons on pdf. There are clips of them performing their work available:
Benjamin Zephaniah – Dis Poetry
Maya Angelou – Life doesn’t Frighten Me
Maya Angelou – Caged Bird

We are looking at problem solving using formal written multiplication and beginning to look at division.
Below is a pdf of the series of lessons and some worded problems.

Week Beginning: 4th October 2021

We are looking in depth at The Water Tower, and basing some character work on it. You can find it here, but please do NOT read ahead of the days and work as listed below. The work can be emailed to us or brought back into school on paper. There are three main tasks (task 3 will be done in class over two days). If you have already completed one in school, start from the next one.
Day 1 – Up to powerpoint slide 16. Think about what the characters are like. Write a paragraph in role as one of the boys to describe the journey from the town to the Water Tower. This journey is not described in the story. Try and make sure you get their personality across through their actions and words.
Day 2 – Up to powerpoint slide 19. Think about Bubba, alone in the tower. Why is he trying to reassure himself with reasons. What is he imagining? Write a paragraph in role as Bubba going down into the belly of the tower. Can you use simile, metaphor and personification? Can you use parenthesis effectively?
Day 3 and 4 – Up to powerpoint slide 22. The story is TOLD about Bubba but the pictures follow Spike. Your task is to write about Spike’s run from the Water Tower to Bubba’s house. It should have excellent description including figurative language (use the pictures for detail up to slide 22) and write about the things he passes as well as his thoughts and feelings as he runs. You are Spike and need to write in the first person:
Using paragraphs to organise your writing, you need to write about leaving the Water Tower, running passed the fruit stall and going through the town (What do you notice about everyone else in the town?). Finish when you arrive (exhausted) at Bubba’s gate.

Maths: All the lessons we are teaching this week are in the PDF Document attached below.
Day 1 – Adding problems
Day 2 – Subtracting problems
Day 3 – Adding and subtracting decimals
Day 4 – Multiplying – Formal Method

We are creating fact files on Australian Animals – what is different about them and why? Research and present your information in a manner of your choice.

We are using hyperlinks in Powerpoint to create Interactive quizzes. When a multiple choice answer is selected, they must either go to a page telling them it is right, or a page which tells them they are wrong and they need to start again. There is a guide to adding hyperlinks here. You are free to choose the topic of your quiz, but it would be really good if it was relevant to our topic, science or RE work this term.

Read through the attached file looking at how some scientists and Christians believe that Faith and science can complement each other. Your task is to think of some questions that you have about Christianity that you could ask a Christian leader (e.g. a vicar, priest or Church leader).

We are looking at how different plants have evolved and adapted over time. Why and how do plants attract insects? Why and how are some plants carnivorous? Research these and other adaptations you can find and present your findings.

Teams Information for Online Lessons

In the event of lessons going back online, this will again happen using Microsoft Teams. Login details are the same as last time but please ask if you do not have them. Here is the Parent Guide if you need some help getting on. At the bottom of this page are our policies relating to remote learning.