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Year 6 Maths

On Fridays for this term, we will be doing a weekly arithmetic test, which we will upload here on the morning for those who are absent.

Week beginning Monday 23rd November

We are continuing our fractions work, beginning with consolidation of ordering fractions through worded problems. We will then revise mixed numbers and improper fractions (there are two lessons on this below, but as it is revision we will aim to cover both aspects within one lesson) before beginning to add and subtract using fractions.

Week beginning Monday 16th November

This week we are really getting into fractions – working on simplifying fractions, ordering them on a numberline and ordering by the denominator. We will spend two days on simplifying so…please message us on Dojo if you require extra work to provide more practice or extend.

Simplifying fractions

Week beginning Monday 9th November

This week we are completing our work on the order or calculations using BIDMAS, before starting work on fractions. Sheet 2 for the week has some difficult challenges and should done over 2 days (Tuesday and Wednesday).

Fractions starts on Thursday with Sheets 3 and 4. Sheet 3 is there for a recap of what fractions are in case this is required. There is a video lesson underneath which goes with sheet 4 on equivalent fractions. Friday’s arithmetic test will be uploaded on Friday morning.

Lesson to go with sheet 4.

Week beginning Monday 2nd November

Our first unit of work this term is on using the BIDMAS accronym to remember the order of operations when there is more than one operation in a number sentence.

Using BIDMAS to remember the order of operations

Week 6 (beginning 12th October)

This week we are looking at factors and multiples.

The first lesson is a recap from Year 5 if you need to refresh your memory.

Year 5 Factors Recap


Common Factors


Common Multiples