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Year 6 Leeds


Term 6

Collective Worship and Reflection

Our Value this term is Everyone Is Important. Each week we will look at a value that we use to help show that everyone is important to us. Our value this week is Generosity.

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P.E. Dance Routines

Art in Theme Week

The children looked at artwork by Colin Gill a Kent artist born in 1892. He became an artist for the military during the war and painted many images of soldiers at war. Later in life his work became more abstract and he painted murals around the world. While he was in Sounth Africa in 1940 working on a mural he died. The children worked together to draw a quarter of one of his paintings as untitled. They then used paint or coloured pencils to complete it. This is one of the finished paintings with all four works joined together and the original painting. 

Our boomerangs won’t come back! They sure do look great though! Fair dinkum efforts all round.

6 Leeds Wonder Wall. Spectacular explanation texts by writing titans!

Excelsior Safeguarding. An enlightening experience.