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Year 5

Our children and staff have sent pieces of work for the children’s newsletter. This is the children’s second edition of the newsletter.

A quick reminder, Kent Test applications are available online now.

All applications are to be made on the KCC website. You only have until midnight on 1 July 2020 to apply.

Support for Schools and Parents
Welcome Back Letter 20 April 20202

Home Learning

Please find below a selection of activities for children to complete whilst working at home. If you have any questions or queries please feel free to use the email address below, this will be checked at least once per school day.

The way we have set up the home learning has changed slightly. You will now find a home learning grid for all subjects except Maths, Spanish and RE for the term. This means you can see all the learning on one page rather than lots of links.

The topic this term is North America and there are many activities you can complete including a project based on a state you decide to research. The book, ‘Lost Happy Endings’ for reading and English activities is attached as a pdf so the you can access the whole story. As for Maths please use the white-rose link which has all concepts previously and for the term ahead. RE and Spanish can be found further down this page below Collective Worship. Maths is daily activities whilst all other subjects (except topic which is an ongoing projects) have got one activity for each week. For English please choose one activity to focus on each week but it will require work to be done daily (researching, planning, writing, editing/amending) to ensure quality writing. There is also a supporting PDF for the music plan to help structure the lessons.

Please continue to send work in so we can see your progress and enjoy the work you have all been completing.

Life Skills Passport Challenge

Hello everyone
We have been thinking about new ways to use our learning time away from school, and for you to interact with us in school. We have really enjoyed you sharing your valuable achievements that aren’t school work. These things are life skills – things that begin to prepare you for life as a grown-up. So we came up with the Life Skills Challenge. This is a list of things that will help prepare you for the future. From tying your own shoelaces (sorry but you will have to stop using Velcro fastening shoes at some point) and washing your own hair, to budgeting for a food shop (hmmm Mars bars or bread – what do you need most?).
We have come up with 48 skills to try out in our Life Skills Passport. Taking part is optional and you do not have to do every skill – in fact some will be impossible for some: e.g. not everyone has a pet, a younger sibling or a needle and thread – but we would like you try. Many of you can already do lots! Tick the ones you can already do, and then choose new skills to focus on. Get someone to take a photo or video of you doing them and send it to us via email or Dojo!
When you have ticked as many skills as you can, get an adult to complete the bottom of the passport with your name, the number of skills you have completed and sign it. If you complete 15 skills, you will get a Bronze Certificate, 25 skills will get you a Silver Certificate, 35 skills will get you a Gold Certificate and 40 completed skills will get you a Platinum Certificate!
Some skills are in red and say Adult supervision in brackets. These are things that may involve using hot/sharp items, chemicals or things that could cause harm if done incorrectly. We do not want anyone to get injured, cause a flood using the washing machine or break a prized ornament while dusting! Your own adults may decide you personally need less supervision, or that some other skills should be more closely supervised. That is up to them – so please ask first! Have fun, we are looking forward to seeing photos of your achievements. Stay Safe!

TERM 6 Home Learning

Term 6 learning grid


Videos are still available at:


Oxford Owl online have free e-books and resources for use during this time. You will need to create an account (which is free) and you can access a selection of the Oxford Reading Tree books. Just follow this link:

To access accelerated reader, please use this link:

Collective Worship and Reflection

Our Value this term is Everyone Is Important. Each week we will look at a value that we use to help show that everyone is important to us. Our value this week is Generosity.


We would like to enter the Spirited Arts Competition run by NATRE. Below are 3 sessions that look at Big Questions and what they are. The last session introduces the competition. You have until the end of June to complete your entry (along with a short explanation) and email it into school (either to the office or your year group email address). Please email if you need help.

SPANISH Term 6 el nabo gigante


PE – Fire Fighter Fit Kids – Everyone can now log on at
Username: FFK1 Password: HealthyHomes

Virtual Tours – As you are unable to have days out this Easter holiday, how about you try some virtual days out instead. Have a look on the document to see all the virtual tours that are at your fingertips. Enjoy!

Learn a language – Rosetta Stone are offering a three month free subscription for kids. Another way to keep up with your Spanish – or one of many languages.

Start the Day with PE – Joe is still at it over the holiday!

Music: Sing some excellent songs! Log on to the Charanga website.

We’d love to see pictures of your creations – you can email them to us!

Year 5 Home Learning

Here is a great resource to let you get out and about, across the world whilst sitting in your own home. Visit and learn about somewhere new each day. Have fun! 

Spanish Home Learning

Please find below 2 PowerPoints which the children can use to practise using the Spanish alphabet to spell names. You need to open the PowerPoints and play them as slideshow which will enable you to play the videos and soundbites to help with pronunciation. Also please find attached a link for a good website which can be used to support learning of foreign languages (this is also available as an app).

Music: Carnival Time!

Log on to the Charanga website

This term enter the Carnival spirit by logging in to the assignment and learn the songs.

Free Fun Book Resources Links 2020

On Twitter check out:  #FreeBookResources &  #StoryStarters and check out your favourite author/ illustrator websites

Authors/ Illustrators

Carly Hart Books – Author Events on Line

Authorfy (Twitter)

Emily Fox

Sarah McIntyre

David O’Connell

Meg McLaren – Drawing & Activities

Nick Sharratt Drawing Tips

Swapna Haddow – Dave Pigeon Fun Stuff

Robin Stevens Detective Activities

Draw-Along-A-Lenton (YouTube) Illustrator of Shifty McGifty and The Nothing To See Here Hotel

Gareth P Jones – How To Write Videos

Publishing Houses

Salariya Books – You Wouldn’t Want To Be

 Faber Publishers Activity Sheets

Puffin Books

Nosy Crow Publisher Activity Sheets

Little Tiger Press – Activities & Games

Others eg Literacy Trust etc.

Activity Village –

Reading Realm

Book Trust – Have SoFun!?q=&sortOption=MostRecent&pageNo=1

World Book Day – Things To Read

British Library – Discovering Children’s Books (Make a mini book)

Love My Books

The Literacy Trust Family Reading Zone

Compiled by Lynda Britnell / Libraries4Schools




Long term plan

Term 1 

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Spelling Overviews

Yearly overviews for spellings can be found on the English webpage.
Please click here to be taken to them.