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This week at Kennington CE Academy: It's Half Term. Children return to school on Monday, 28th October

Year 5 Rochester 2018-19

Term 6 Homework


This term our focus as a year group will be the Stuarts. In English we will be writing an explanation text all about a new disease that has been discovered. In maths we will be starting our new topic of decimals and percentages and in science our focus will be how humans change as they age. For our topic lessons we will be looking at different aspects of history during the Stuart period and in art we will be looking at symbolism in portraits of monarchs. During our RE lessons we will be looking at what it means to be Jewish in Britain today, focusing on Jewish worship as well as the importance of Jewish festivals and celebrations.

Term 5 Homework

                             Term 4

         The Terrible Tudors continued

After seeing how much the children were enjoying the Tudors last term, we decided to continue on for another term, culminating in a Tudor and and exhibition. This Term we learnt about Edward VI, 'Bloody' Mary, Crime and punishment and Elizabeth


In English this term we wrote fantastic historical narratives inspired by The Prince and the Pauper. Our stories travelled from the foul depths of Tudor England's slums to the opulence of Henry VIII's castle and included some wonderful descriptive language.




In maths this term, we have been working on improving our understanding of fractions. This has included converting mixed numbers and improper fractions; adding and subtracting fractions;ordering and comparing fractions and finding fractions of amounts. The children showed great resiliance with what can be a difficult concept. Time table knowledge has once again been essential so keep practising!


This term we looked at animals and their life cycles. We learnt the similarities and differences between mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and insects. The we researched one and wrote a fact file about it.

Term 4 Homework

Term 3 - Terrible Tudors



This term we will be learning all about one of the most famous ruling families...the Tudors! We are going to find out about King Henry and his six wives. How he fell out with the Pope and created his own church and the affect that had on the country. We will also learn about the other Kings and Queens of the Tudor period and how their decisions affected the country and in some cases have shaped our lives today.


As we have begun learning about this topic, the children have shown such enthusiasm that we have decided to extend it over two terms so that we can get as much learning in as possible. This will build us to a Tudor exhibition which all parents and carers will be invited to so keep your eyes peeled for more information.


In English we will be looking at the plays of the great William Shakespeare. We will use different methods to learn A Midsummer Night's Dream and retell one of the scenes in modern day English. We will then report on the events in our own newspaper articles.


We will be carrying on with multiplication and division and learning to use the formal written methods to multiply by one and two numbers and divide. Times tables knowledge will be essential to help us with our calculations.


In science, we will be looking at different materials. Over the term, we will classify different types of material, discuss and try methods of separation and plan an experiment.


There will be a lot of new vocabulary such as solution, soluble, insoluble, separate, dissolve and mixture.



This term we have been learning about People of God, and where in the 'Big Picture' of The Bible this unit of work comes. 

Children are discussing how the events in the life of Moses brought about freedom and justice for God's people, and how God would not want anyone in a position of power to become corrupt. We will be asking children what we can learn from Moses' life and if the Ten Commandments are still relevant today. 

'How can following God bring freedom and justice today?' is the question we will be wondering about at the end of this term. 

Term 2 - Massive Mountains!


This term, we will be investigating mountains. We will be looking at the features of mountains to begin with and then moving on to thinking about life in the mountains and how it is different from our own experiences. During topic lesson, we will be encouraging pupils to use the skills they learn in their English lessons to write letters and diary entries filled with everything they have learnt over this term.


We are going to be using our topic Massive Mountains as the inspiration for our English lessons. We will be starting by immersing ourselves in mountain life and thinking about the challenges that those who climb mountains face. We will consider what equipment and training is needed to scale a mountain and what we might experience while we are up there. We will then use all of this to create diary entries charting the events over four or five days of climbing Everest.


Following on from this we will compile a survival guide using everything we have learnt.


In maths, we will be moving on to looking at statistics,  multiplication and division and area. We will be reading, interpreting and drawing different graphs and tables including timetables. We will then learn about factors, multiples, square and cube numbers, prime numbers and multiplying and dividing by 10,100 and 1000. Again we will use concrete and pictoral methods to suppoet our learning.


There is a lot of new vocabulary so the more we practice this at home the better we will be!


We will be doing gymnastics in the hall and will be looking at different skills including balances, jumps and turns. We will practice these on mats, raised apparatus and the wall bars.


In our outdoor PE we will be learning different ball skills and practicing a range of football techniques.


In science we will be looking at forces, including magnetism, air resistance, gravity and friction. We will be designing and carrying out our own experiments relating to these different areas.

Term 1 - Raging Rivers!

We have had a great start to the year so far, well done to everyone for coming back and being so enthusiastic and eager to learn


So far this term we have looked at place value, including Roman numerals, ordering and comparing numbers and rounding. We have used concrete, pictoral and written methods to help cement our understanding of this area.


We started the term with river poems to link in with this terms topic (Raging Rivers). We had a look at some water themed poetry then wrote some of our own with fantastic results.


Now we are using the Water Babies as a stimulus to write our own narrative. Our stories begin from us falling (or jumping) into the river and take the reader on a magical underwater journey filled with new friends, excitement and adventure.

Picture 1


Our topic this term is Raging Rivers! We are using our map skills to locate rivers around the world and take a closer look at what the land around them is used for. We have investigated why rivers and streams are so important and why we choose to build towns and cities so close to them. Soon we will be researching some of the worlds most famous rivers in order to write an information text about them.

Picture 1
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