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This week at Kennington CE Academy: It's Half Term. Children return to school on Monday, 28th October

Year 4 St Albans 2018-19

Hinduism afternoon


SPANISH 1 We have written our own Spanish books!
SPANISH 2 We have written our own Spanish books!



The children loved learning about how the stomach works and even carried out an experiment involving coca cola and bread to see the effects of the stomach on the food we eat. The coca cola acted as stomach acid which broke down the bread after some careful squeezing using hands acting as muscles. They were amazed and perhaps a little disgusted at the same time!!



St Albans held a fantastic Collective Worship this term. They really thought about how people could use their talents to help and guide others. They explained how we can teach others our talents, encourage people to try something knew and provide support to build the confidence of others by not being afraid to share the talents and abilities they have. The children related their English learning to this term's church value of hope and acted out a scene from Theseus and the Minotaur. It was great to see the children asking questions to everyone and using the lollisticks so that everyone felt included.






The children thoroughly enjoyed our Greek Day. They especially enjoyed trying typical Greek foods, although some were devoured more than others! Some of the foods included baklava, feta cheese, stuffed vine leaves and olives. The olives were definitely enjoyed the least! For the rest of the day the children write their name in clay, learnt a Greek dance and also designed their own Greek paint using a classic Greek design and pattern. Some children even dressed up for the day, which was great to see! Thank you St Albans for a wonderful day!