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Year 3 St Pauls

Mummification continued – Let’s wrap this up!

To help the children understand the next steps of Mummification, they attempted to wrap up a toy from home. After applying the correct number of layers, the children had to place the pictures of amulets which the Ancient Egyptians would have used onto their mummy before wrapping it all in one final layer…topped off with a death mask.

Mummifying a tomato!

To learn how the Ancient Egyptians mummified human remains, the children in 3 St Pauls mummified a tomato following a clear set of instructions. This was part of their English Instruction writing unit of work. The tomatoes will now remain in the Natron mixture for 40 days before the children will see if their tomatoes have survived the mummification process!

ART – Canopic Jars

After making a shell to form their canopic jar and chosen Godhead, the children used mod rock to sculpt their jars. After these are dry, they will be painted.

Egyptian Workshop

3 St Pauls and other members of Year 3 enjoying the Ancient Egyptian workshop. Activities including: grinding wheat, making chalk paint, weaving using a loom, playing Egyptian games (based upon actual games found in Egyptian tombs), making a clay amulet, using reeds/bamboo to make a mat, creating a Book of the Dead on papyrus, creating a cartouche necklace and finally playing a team game about excavating in the Valley of the Kings.