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Year 3 Salisbury

Term 6

Collective Worship and Reflection

Our Value this term is Everyone Is Important. Each week we will look at a value that we use to help show that everyone is important to us. Our value this week is Generosity.

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Our Lego Challenge Gallery

Some of you have started the lego challenge, check out the pictures you’ve sent me…

Our week in words and a few pictures!

I hope that you are all impressed with the Canopic Jars that were sent home today – if you are unsure what they are, I am sure you can ask your child and they will fill you in on all the gory details! Our week started with 3 Salisbury, the ball skill experts, coaching 3 Coventry in some ball skills. Both Mrs Bennett and I were impressed with the amazing coaching that was taking place. In our English, we were writing instructions to ensure that the reader knows how to mummify a dead body, just as the Egyptians did! We had a super time learning about money, how to add it, how to work out how much we need to pay and how to work out how much change to give. So if you are popping to the shops for a few essentials, why not try out their new skills! As you have probably guessed, we finished our Canopic Jars, by decorating them in the style of the Ancient Egyptians. We ended the week with our 2 Head Teacher award winners and the Hot Chocolate winner, as well as coaching another class in ball skills – a PE unit that we have really enjoyed!

What a Week!

We have had an amazing week, in art we finished off our canopic jars with Mod Roc and some of us even started to paint them! We have been adding and subtracting amounts of money in Maths and mummifying lots of things in English (well just tomatoes and action figures/dolls)! We had great fun pulling the brains out by their noses! Finishing off most days reading our new class book ‘The Indian in the Cupboard’. We had a fantastic end to the week in our P.E lesson which our ‘Awesome Athlete’ and his friend helped me to lead. Who would have thought that a game called ‘Sharks and Fish’ plus a basket ball could be so much fun. Who won again, the girls, or the boys?! Have a great weekend all and please don’t forget, that if finish your foil or cling film, please send in the hard inner tube.

Our P.E Lessons!

We have been learning ball skills in our P.E lessons. Today we had a fantastic lesson learning to control a basketball when dribbling, pass the ball using different passes (chest, bounce and shoulder) and beginning to dodge when someone is trying to take the ball! We are quickly becoming expert dribblers!

Egyptian Workshop

3 Salisbury had a fantastic day learning about the Ancient Egyptians. Activities included: grinding wheat, making chalk paint, weaving using a loom, playing Egyptian games (based upon actual games found in Egyptian tombs), making a clay amulet, using reeds to make a mat, creating a Book of the Dead on papyrus and a cartouche necklace (using hieroglyphics). At the end of the day we heard a story about Osiris, Isis and Horus and finally played a team game when we became archaeologists, excavating in the Valley of the Kings.

Maths- Place Value

Year Three have been learning how a value changes once it gets 10 or 100 times larger. They have been adding and subtracting using different methods such as: dienes, numicon, part part whole, place value counters and tens frame.

Spanish -Practising Greetings

Year 3 have been learning how to greet each other in Spanish and have a short conversation. They have been practising how to say: Hello, what’s your name? My name is…. as well as how are you, and respond with how they are feeling.


This term we have been lucky enough to have the Community Cricket Officer from Kent Cricket club, come into school to teach our Year Three the skills of batting, bowling and fielding in order for them to be able to have a game of Cricket.

Science – Plants

In Science, Year Three have been learning how to set up a fair investigation to find out what plants need to be healthy. They decided to plant four pots of cress seeds, one would not have light, one would not have water, one would not have soil and one pot would have everything. They are checking to find out the results by the end of term.

RE – Christianity

Children discussed what a promise is and what they meant. They then compared promises made during a wedding ceremony to promises made in stories from the Old Testament.

Theme Week: The Garden of Kent

Children have gone to other classes to learn about different places in Kent, such as Rochester, Biddenden, Canterbury and Whitstable.  In some classes, they got to taste local produce! They also looked at old photographs of Ashford to make comparisons to Ashford today. In English, they have been learning about features of a leaflet in order to create their own about Folkestone.