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Year 3 Maths

Please find below the links to our current maths lessons. For the ease of teaching at home, (where possible) each lesson comprises of a PowerPoint to help teach an understanding of the lesson concept and a worksheet to practise what has been learnt. An answer sheet has also been included to allow children to review their completed work.

Wednesday lessons
Maths lessons on teacher planning days (currently Wednesdays for Year 3) are used this term to practise learning the 2x, 5x, 10x, 3x, 4x, and 8x tables. Please see the bottom of this page for a selection of related activities that can be run during these plannings days.

Week Beginning 23rd November 2020

Week Beginning 30th November 2020

Lessons will be released prior to the week beginning.

Week Beginning 7th December 2020

Lessons will be released prior to the week beginning.

Week Beginning 14th December 2020

Lessons will be released prior to the week beginning.

Wednesday lessons – Times Table practise day

Around the clock race tracks
These are a great way to see how your child is progressing. Simply print off the tracks. Put the timetable you are going to check in the starry shape in the middle, set a timer for 2 minutes and then let the child fill in the blanks. Adjust the time accordingly. If they complete earlier, challenge the child to complete the track faster (ensuring they get all the answers correct). Alternatively, if your child panics with a timer, remove it altogether – their challenge is to see how many they can get right.

Loop cards
Once printed these can be cut out and question on the right of each card must be matched to the answer on the left. You’ll know you’ve completed this correctly when you make a big loop!

Board games
Practise learning your tables with a family member at home. Roll a dice, move your counter and if you can answer the question on the space then stay there, else move back!

Colour and learn
Use these sheets by working out the colour of each section according to the answer of the multiplication sentence shown.

Times table cards
These can be cut up into red and blue piles then the activity becomes a match up task. Alternatively if the question and answer is cut into strips, then the answer card is folded behind the question, these can be used as a question and answer task. For an extra hard task, pose the answer as the question – e.g. “My answer is 24, What 4 x times table am I?” (if you child is confident across multiple tables they might be able to give you multiple tables tables that equal to 24.