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Year 3 Coventry

Term 6

Collective Worship and Reflection

Our Value this term is Everyone Is Important. Each week we will look at a value that we use to help show that everyone is important to us. Our value this week is Generosity .

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Term 4


As part of the topic for the term, the children have been improving their geographical knowledge of Europe. They have located European countries on a map and named their capitals. They thought about why the climate is different across Europe, making links to the equator, and how this affects the lifestyles in different areas of Europe. They were given different facts and had to decide which part of Europe the lifestyle related to and place it on the map then give reasons for their decisions. As a class, they discussed ideas and confirmed answers.

DT – Sewing

Linked to the book from English lessons, Leon and the Place Between, children are designing a magician cloak for a soft toy. They have practiced sewing running and blanket stitch and how to sew on a button. They pinned on a pattern or drew round a pattern to be able to cut out 2 different pieces of fabric to join together. Some children stitched on details and decorations others used glue.

PE – Improving fitness levels

To improve our fitness levels children have been completing circuit and boxercise style activities in lessons. They have learned how to cross jab and uppercut using the pads and gloves in partner work. The lessons have been very quick pace with just short rest periods in between each exercise. Other exercises we have done include squats, lunges, skipping, burpees, push-ups, step-ups and shuttle runs.

RE- Holy Week

We have been learning about the events of Holy Week. Using figures we created scenes to represent different parts of Holy Week and wrote captions to explain them. We have also thought about how Mary would feel during the different events and plotted this on an emotion graph.

Term 3

We’re All In This Together – Theme Week

What a jam packed theme week the class had, there were so many different activities to learn about and experience. The week was called ‘We are all in this together!’ and was used to think about people who may have difficulties in learning or disabilities. We learnt some sign language, practiced reading braille, smelt different jars blindfolded to guess what was inside, had a go at blind football, went on a sensory trail, made rainsticks, listened to audio books, tried Bollywood dancing and Djembe drumming.


This term children have been learning how to play the recorder. They have learnt the correct way to hold the recorder and positioning of fingers. Also they can give tips on the best way to blow the recorder to prevent it sounding too loud, harsh or squeaky. They have learnt the notes B A G and played simple notes using these.

Canopic Jars

In Art children learnt about creating a sculpture. They used paper, masking tape and pipe cleaners to shape and mold the armature of a head for the jar. Either Horus the falcon, Anubis the jackal, Happi the baboon or Quebsenuf the human. They then used Modroc to wrap the armature in to create a smooth hard finish to the sculpture. Once it was dry they painted the jar, after discussions about how the paint would have been made and what colours they would have had in Ancient Egpyt. Finally, they used a pen to add details to the face and hieroglyphics.


Egyptian Workshop

To support the children’s learning in topic this term they took part in a fantastic Egyptian day where they got to try many different activities to understand what everyday life might have been like and some of the Egyptian beliefs. Activities included: grinding wheat, bashing chalk to make a powder for paint, weaving using a loom, playing Egyptian games (based upon actual games found in Egyptian tombs but with no rules!), making a clay amulet of Osiris backbone, using reeds/bamboo to make a mat, creating a Book of the Dead spell on papyrus, creating a cartouche necklace, learning an Egyptian Myth to explain why the Egyptians wore eye make-up and finally playing a team game about excavating in the Valley of the Kings to find tombs.

Term 2

DT- Moving Mechanisms

These are some of the examples of the moving Christmas cards the children designed and made. There were mechanisms such as wheel rotators, pull tabs, sliders, flaps and various pop-ups.


In gymnastics, children practiced balancing in pairs. They practiced different symmetric and asymmetric balances.


For the music, the children were creating their own soundscape for the local area. After gathering and identify sounds from the local area they used their voices to create some of the sounds. then they used instruments to create other sounds. They completed the soundscape by putting them all together and performing to the class. Other groups had to work out which sounds were created and how.

Stone Age Activities

In order to write about what stone age activities Stone Age boy tried when he was in back in the Stone Age time with Om the children completed a carousel of activities. These involved working with leather, making stone age axes, grinding grains, sewing cloth, rubbing sticks and striking stones to make fire and how to build a model shelter tent.

Cave Painting

As part of English children turned the tables into caves. Then inside their caves, they drew pictures in the style of cave paintings to retell the story of Stone Age Boy.

Stone Age Day – Samphire Hoe

Children went to Samphire Hoe to take part in a Stone Age Survival Day. During the day they investigated the area to find shelter, water and food that might have been around during the Stone Age era in order to survive. They foraged leaves, flowers, berries, twigs, stones and shells and learnt about how they might have been used by stone age people. They worked as a group to ‘hunt’ an animal making sure they stayed downwind in order to not be caught out by their smell. They even found out why animal dung would have been important and used in different ways for building and fuel. They learnt how wood needed to be stripped to make sure it did not rot and then they practiced stripping bark off a hazel stick to create a shaft for a spear. The freshly stripped stick smelt a bit like watermelons! Children also tried to start fires by rubbing sticks together and sticking stones, some managed to start the wood smoking! Finally, they entered the ‘cave’ where they took part in a shaman ritual involving dancing, singing and playing instruments to encourage the rain to come. They then created their own tribe cave art by blowing paint around stencils of their handprints.

Term 1

Theme Week – Garden of Kent

Children researched the features of leaflets by looking at different existing leaflets. They named the different features and explained why they were important for the leaflet. Then the children researched information about Dover to write their own facts to be able to write their own leaflets for people visiting the area. 

The class looked at different crops that are harvested in Kent in particular apples, pears, plums, cherries, hops and cop nuts. Children choose a picture to sketch and then used watercolors to create a painting of the fruit. They mixed colours to create different shades, blended them and built up colours to make the picture look as real as they could. 

Art – Georgia O’Keefe

Children have been learning about the paintings Georgia O’Keefe created. She was famous for painting flowers in bold bright colours, they are often close up of just a section of the flower. Using view finders children used photos of flowers to sketch a section of the flower. They learnt about the different sketching pencils and practiced using them before sketching their part of a flower and shading it. 


In PE this term the children have learnt skills for invasion games. they have practiced skills of passing balls, blocking and dodging. They have also had cricket coaching.  


Children have completed e-safety lessons where they have thought about what they use the internet for. What information they can give out and what information they shouldn’t give out online. They discussed the importance of setting a strong password and keeping passwords to themselves. Using Purplemash the children used a blog to communicate with each other and discuss being safe online. 


Setting up our science investigation to find out how water is transported (moved) around the plants. We put the celery in coloured water to find out where the water will go. 


Children looked at the ‘Big Picture’ which uses illustrations to tell events in the Bible. They discussed what the pictures showed and which part of the Bible it could link to. They shared ideas about the use of colour and certain images.