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Uniform Information

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UPDATE: We have been informed that Tesco School Uniform Embroidery Service will be closing on 12thFebruary 2019. However, they have set up an alternative supplier called ‘My Clothing’. Tesco have confirmed that F&F will supply their uniform lines to My Clothing so the uniform will still be of the same quality that it is now. We are looking into how you place orders through ‘My Clothing’ and when we get the information, we will pass it on to you. You can still places order on School Money from our school supplier.

 All children should wear school uniform.

The school colours are navy blue, white and black. 

Our school uniform can be purchased through TESCO or on School Money.

If you want to order using the TESCO service please follow this link;

At Kennington CE Academy, we are proud of our school uniform and we would appreciate it if the whole school wore the appropriate clothing as it is part of the image of our school. All uniform and property should be named as we do not accept responsibility for loss or damage of personal items.

Summer uniform

  • Plain white polo shirt or shirt
  • Black socks
  • Black trousers, skirt (knee level) or long shorts
  • Navy blue cardigan or jumper with Kennington Academy logo
  • Blue and white checked summer dress 

Winter uniform

  • Plain white polo shirt or shirt
  • Black or grey socks 
  • Black trousers or skirt
  • Navy blue cardigan or jumper with Kennington Academy logo
  • Blue or black tights


  • Black school shoes (not flashing)
  • No heels
  • Plain black boots are permitted in terms 2 and 3
  • Sandals are not allowed due to safety reasons
  • Trainers are not acceptable for school shoes


  • Long hair should be tied back
  • No large bows or large hair accessories 
  • No hair gel, waxes oils or sprays can be applied to hair
  • No extreme hair fashions are acceptable, including dyed or streaked hair
  • No Mohicans or lines cut into the hair 

PE kit

  • House coloured t-shirt with Kennington Academy logo
  • Jogging trousers
  • Blue/black shorts
  • Jumper
  • Trainers for external use and plimsolls for internal use


  • A watch 
  • No necklaces or bracelets – unless part of a religion
  • Earrings – small studs
  • No make up
  • No coloured nail vanishes 

Please mark all clothing clearly with your child’s name.