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As Year 3 at Kennington is the first time learning a modern foreign language for the majority of our Year 3 children, the learning focus is upon speaking and listening. Initially the focus is on the Spanish vowel sounds. Having the emphasis upon the sounds of the words in Spanish will enable children to develop the skills to be able decode unfamiliar words in Spanish using their phonic knowledge. Learning is largely through games, rhymes and songs which the children are encouraged to join in with when they feel confident. There are also activities for children who feel more confident more quickly allowing them to develop the skills of reading and even writing words when they are ready to do so. All learning is evidenced in a class floor book, showcasing the broad variety of activities and work undertaken. This means that learning time will be spent allowing the children time to develop their skills and increase their confidence in their ability to communicate in Spanish. The Long Term Plan is now in its fourth year.

SMSC in Spanish at Kennington CE Academy

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