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History and Geography

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Subject Leader: Ms R Shand

SMSC in Geography at Kennington CE Academy

History and Geography are taught within Kennington C of E Academy as enquiry led subjects where children are encouraged to question the world around us now and in the past.

In Geography, we use key geographical skills and observation to derive and answer questions about the human and physical features of the world around us. This allows children to investigate change in the environment and compare different locations in the world with our own local area.

Some of the topics children can look forward to learning are:

The UK


South America


Massive Mountains

Raging Rivers


Natural Disasters


Subject Leader: Mrs F Brace

Here at Kennington, we want to introduce the children to a life long love of learning. With our History curriculum we try and engage the children by making it more hands on and exciting regardless of their level of writing ability. As they move through the school they will move through the ages, learning about British and World History as they go. We have been working with Canterbury Archeological Trust to provide children with the opportunity to explore artefacts from the different topics we have been studying to really give them the opportunity to understand how people in the past lived. We also try and include at least one theme day or trip so that the children can get even more hands on experiences.

Here are the topics that children can look forward to learning during their time at Kennington:

Stone Age

Ancient Egyptians

Ancient Greeks

The Romans

The Anciant Mayans

The Saxons

The Vikings

The Tudors

The Victorians

The Titanic