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History and Geography

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Subject Leaders: Rebecca Shand

SMSC in Geography at Kennington CE Academy

History and Geography are taught within Kennington C of E Academy as enquiry led subjects where children are encouraged to question the world around us now and in the past.

In History, we explore the key eras and events, which have helped to shape our societies today, by seeking answers and questioning evidence. We always give the children opportunities to study and wonder about what has happened in the past and how this influences us today. This year we have moved to teaching History chronologically across the school, starting with Stone Age in year 3. This is designed to enable the children to understand the timeline of British and World History and move forward in time as they move up through the school.

In Geography, we use key geographical skills and observation to derive and answer questions about the human and physical features of the world around us. This allows children to investigate change in the environment and compare different locations in the world with our own local area.

Our Geography Geniuses 

Our Geography Geniuses support the children and teachers. Their role includes:

  • helping to collect pupil voice
  • supporting children in Geography lessons
  • assisting class teachers with any preparation needed for the lesson
  • thinking of new ways to promote Geography in the school

Mediterranean Day Year Three

Last year, Year Three learnt all about different countries in Europe and got to taste Italian, Spanish and Greek food as well as learn traditional dances and facts about each country.


Subject Leader: Mrs F Brace

Our History Heroes

The role of a History Hero is to:

  • Promote the teaching and learning of History across the school.
  • Feed back to the History lead (Mrs Brace) any thoughts or ideas they have had to promote the subject.
  • Monitor the History displays in the classroom and ensure they are up to standard.
  • Be the spokesperson for their class and feedback experiences of History lessons.
  • Give ideas for historical events that need to be celebrated or recognised