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DOJO in School

DOJO at Kennington Academy

The response to DOJO at Kennington C.E. Academy has been very positive. DOJO has successfully taken over from house-points. DOJO points are rewarded in the same way as house-points, but the reasons are more specific and personal to your child. At the end of the term, the totals are gathered and then cleared for a new term. By joining our DOJO community you will be able to see how many points your child has received, and what they have been awarded for. The Advocates total up each classes points every week and they are then put onto the weekly newsletter.

Teachers also use DOJO class stores to share information quickly to Parents and Carers, and to give an up-to-date picture of your child’s learning in real time. Children can upload examples of their work to their own DOJO page to share with their Parents/Carers. These uploads are sent to their class teacher for approval first to check the content is safe. Please be assured no one else can see your child’s DOJO story.

Please can we remind you that DOJO cannot be used to message the class teachers, as they cannot respond to messages on DOJO. If you wish to speak to the class teacher please come into the school office and we can arrange a meeting for you. If you have any questions about joining, please do not hesitate to speak to your class teacher who will be happy to help.

Introduce students to ClassDojo

Play this video for your classroom to share how you’ll be using ClassDojo this year!