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SMSC in Computing

Subject Lead – Mr Smelt and Mr Jamieson

In 2014, the National Curriculum transformed the subject known as ICT into the inspiring, challenging and enhanced subject now called Computing. Unlike ICT, which focused primarily on skills sets used on computers, Computing is concerned with how computers system work, how they are designed and how they are programmed.

By following the Switched on Computer programme of work, in line with the National Curriculum, pupils develop their computing ability, knowledge and skills and are able to apply these across the whole curriculum.

During their time at Kennington CE Academy, children are taught Computing, both discretely and also embedded into other cross curricular subject areas. They will experience programming using software such as Scratch, Kodu and HTML. They will also learn how to safely use services which are now common place such as blogging, wikis, emails, website design and app development.

Classrooms have access to laptops for use during lessons and for other specific purposes. Pupils are also given the opportunity to utilise interactive white boards, visualisers, digital microscopes, cameras, video cameras and data loggers to enhance their learning.

The school has a clearly defined E-safety policy and Pupils are taught about internet safety throughout their time at our school and we are supportive of campaigns such as ‘safer internet day’.

To reinforce and extend children’s learning, Kennington CE Academy promotes the use of websites such as Mathletics.

KELSI Online safety guidance for E-safety which contains up-to-date, relevant information and useful links


Scratch tutorials A selection of videos to assist with the basic movements and controls with the programming environment call Scratch.

BBC Bitesize KS2 Computing A selection of different webpages, videos and activities all about Computing at KS2

Barclays code playground A fantastic introduction website to have a play around at some first time programming.

Scratch A website to either use the Scratch programming tool online or to download an offline version.

The Black Chamber A detailed, informative and interactive website that lets users learn about encryption and codebreaking.