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Christian Distinctiveness

Achieve Celebrate Succeed

Our School Vision and Values

Kennington CE Academy is a Church of England school. We are an inclusive community where Christian Vision and Values empower us. We work with pride and passion to create life-long learners who fulfil their potential as God intended. If we work together, we will be the very best that we can be; achieving, celebrating and succeeding whilst having fun.

‘Everyone who uses what he has will get more. He will have much more than he needs. But the one who does not use what he has will have everything taken away from him.’ 

Parable of the Talents. (Matthew 25:14- 30)

All children, staff and governors were involved in developing our Christian Vision and Values.  It is these values that form the foundations of our Christian Vision at Kennington CE Academy and underpin everything we do.

Each value is explicitly Christian and linked to Jesus, His example and His teachings, in the form of the Parable of the Talents, to make it memorable. We celebrate them during our daily worship and explore them in all areas of our curriculum. Most importantly, we carry them out in everything we do and they are embedded in all our policies.

Our Christian Values are overarched with the main value of Respect

Our values are:

  • Giving 
  • Using your Talents
  • Forgiveness 
  • Love and Care
  • Everyone is Important 

Through these values we promote the Church of England’s values linked to the Vision for Education:

  • Hope
  • Community
  • Dignity
  • Wisdom

You can find out more from the National Society website.

Christian Distinctiveness and Collective Worship Policy

Vision Narrative

At Kennington Church of England Academy, our Vision underpins everything we do. Like the Parable of the Talents, we believe everyone receives talents from God and it is our duty as a Christian community to help all individuals to realise and build on those talents, using them to help others. Our goal is for all to achieve, celebrate and succeed in all aspects of their life both now and in the future. We strive to ensure they have the building blocks for life so they can achieve all that God intended them to. We do this using our five Christian Values with the overarching value of respect.

Our journey starts with the understanding that everyone is important, unique in the way that God created them. We accept all as part of our community and embrace the challenges they may bring, to ensure we support our well-being.

We believe that through God’s guidance within the Bible and Church scripture, all can become lifelong learners. This requires love and care which is to be given as well as received by all. To achieve, celebrate and succeed, we need to be able to give. Giving to others, our community and ourselves, follows the second golden rule to treat others as you would want to be treated. Giving enables us to consider the needs of all just as Jesus did, building a strong community whose members feel confident to ask and give support when needed. Once we feel we are part of the community where we feel valued and shown love and care, we then feel safe to try new challenges, to grow and flourish.

We support all in identifying their talents and the steps needed to build on them. In turn, we encourage each other to use our talents to support each other in all aspects of school life and within the community. Thus creating a community; showing love and care, giving to others and the ability to accept that everyone is important and valued, regardless of differences. We believe that in doing this we are praising God and helping to bring the Kingdom of God to Earth. 

One main component of a strong community is forgiveness. As a community, we know that we make mistakes and that for us to move forward and succeed, we need to learn to ask for forgiveness and to forgive.

The Parable of the Talents clearly reflects our Vision and Values. The Master shows that everyone is important by giving each servant talents. He shows love and care by encouraging them to use the talents wisely. Although the Master is disappointed, Jesus taught that we should forgive others seventy-seven times and that within God there is endless forgiveness.

Sharing and living by these values as a successful community allows us to build and strengthen our relationships, encompassing all. It allows us all to feel part of the whole community, as well as be the unique individuals that we are.

Parable of the Talents

(Matthew 25:14- 30)

 “The kingdom of heaven is like a man who was going to another place for a visit. Before he left, he talked with his servants. The man told them to take care of his things while he was gone.   He decided how much each servant would be able to care for. He gave one servant five bags of money. He gave another servant two bags of money. And he gave a third servant one bag of money. Then the man left.  The servant who got five bags went quickly to invest the money. The five bags of money earned five more.  It was the same with the servant who had two bags of money. He invested the money and earned two more.   But the servant who got one bag of money went out and dug a hole in the ground. Then he hid his master’s money in the hole.

 “After a long time the master came home. He asked the servants what they did with his money. The servant who got five bags of money brought five more bags to the master. The servant said, ‘Master, you trusted me to care for five bags of money. So I used your five bags to earn five more.’  The master answered, ‘You did well. You are a good servant who can be trusted. You did well with small things. So I will let you care for much greater things. Come and share my happiness with me.’

 “Then the servant who got two bags of money came to the master. The servant said, ‘Master, you gave me two bags of money to care for. So I used your two bags to earn two more.’  The master answered, ‘You did well. You are a good servant who can be trusted. You did well with small things. So I will let you care for much greater things. Come and share my happiness with me.’

 “Then the servant who got one bag of money came to the master. The servant said, ‘Master, I knew that you were a hard man. So I was afraid. I went and hid your money in the ground. Here is the bag of money you gave me.’  

The master answered, ‘You are a bad and lazy servant! You should have put my money in the bank. Then, when I came home, I would get my money back with interest.’“So the master told his other servants, ‘Take the bag of money from that servant and give it to the servant who has ten bags of money.  Everyone who uses what he has will get more. He will have much more than he needs. But the one who does not use what he has will have everything taken away from him.’ 

Collective Worship

It is a school expectation that all teachers lead whole school worship and worship in the classroom following our school guidelines.

Our planning for Collective Worship links closely to the Church of England calendar so important dates such as Harvest, Christmas and Easter celebrations are planned with members from St Mary’s Church. We use this time to deepen the school community’s understanding of our Christian Values and how these impact on their own and others’ lives. Aspects of British values and other faiths are also covered over the different themes.

We also welcome visitors from the community or St Mary’s Church to run Collective Worship.

‘Collective worship is ‘the heartbeat of our school’. It is recognised by pupils and staff as a very special time, ‘that sets the tone for the day’.’ page 3 of the 2020 SIAMS report.

Weekly Worship Timetable

Termly Theme Timetable

Worship Warriors

Every year new children are picked to be the Worship Warriors for their class. Their in-class duties support in-class Worship sessions, maintain the class prayer corner and display as well as collect pupil voice.

Children in Years 5 and 6 are invited to apply for the position of Lead Worship Warrior. They are asked to explain why they would make a good Worship Warrior and how they would help the school community. The Worship Warriors who are picked then support the school in all areas linked to Collective Worship and supporting our Christian Vision and Values.

The Lead Worship Warriors have many roles including leading children in the gathering, prayer and sending in Collective Worship. They take an active part in many Collective Worship sessions run by staff members and visitors as well as lead the Celebration Worship on Fridays. Each year, the new Lead Worship Warriors are challenged to plan and lead their own Collective Worship around the termly theme. They also monitor the environment around the school and check that our reflection areas are up to their high standards. After Collective Worship, they collect pupil voice, analyse their findings and write a report to the Senior Leadership Team with suggestions for improvements. They take these responsibilities very seriously and are keen to ensure their suggestions are put in place. The children are also excellent role models at playtime and lunchtime, showing children how to follow the school’s Christian Vision and Values.


At Kennington we have many celebrations and events which reflect and embody our overt Christian character.

Many of them follow the Anglican calendar and others are key events where the children and adults reflect on aspects of their life and identity, their place in our community or society or ways in which they can affect others’ lives. Below are just a flavour of what we have done so far.


Easter Service

This year we held our Easter Service in the school hall. Reverend Dawn and the Year 5 children led the service, telling the story of the events of Holy Week that led to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. Year 3 and 4 shared Easter poems and Year 6 read the prayers. The choir had their first outing, singing This Little Light of Mine, to the whole school and the children sang their Easter songs beautifully.

Christmas Church Service

We were so grateful that we were able to return to St Mary’s Church this year for our Christmas Church Service. The children went over in two groups, Year 3 with Year 5 and Year 4 with Year 6. Reverend Dawn and the children led the service, telling the story of the first Christmas and reading prayers. Year 3 and Year 4 lit the Christingles whilst the prayers were read by the Worship Warriors. It was lovely to hear the children proudly sing the Christmas Carols they had been practising for Christmas.

Remembrance Day

On Thursday 11th November, the whole school stopped to show their respect for those that had fought for our rights to be free. We placed a wreath at the memorial statue. On Sunday 14th November, five of our Worship Warriors took part in the Remembrance Service at St Mary’s Church alongside the other groups within the community. They read the prayers for the service and did so with great pride!

Tough Mudder

The children raised money for school and chosen charities by completing the Tough Mudder circuit as many times as possible. They were very muddy but they loved it!

Guide Dogs

Scarlett and the school invited the members of the Guide Dogs charity back into school. The children really enjoyed getting to hear all about the great work Scarlett and the Guide Dogs charity do for people who are blind or have limited sight. We have a few more activities planned to continue to support such an important charity.

Thousand Hours

Each September we have a challenge from the Thousand Hours Team from Ashford Vineyard Church. They challenge the children to see how many hours of kindness they can collect over the month of October. Our school challenge this year is to beat last year’s total of 3000 hours raised. Each class collects hours of kindness through activities within school, at home and around the community. This year we wrote letters and cards to the NHS as well as letters to members in the wider community such as the congregation at St Mary’s Church. At the end of the month, the hours were added up and we managed to achieve 3153 hours as a whole school.

Harvest Festival 2021

Every Autumn we hold our annual Harvest Festival service. The children are all asked to bring in food items to support the local food bank. The parents and children are always incredibly generous. Reverend Dawn Stamper and children from across the school lead us in worship where the children spend time reflecting on all they have, praying for those who are less fortunate than themselves and thanking God for the gifts He gives us.


Due to the circumstances of 2020/21, we had to find other ways to continue our community support that were safe for us to do.

Thousand Hours Challenge

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Once again, we started our campaign for gathering more than 1000 hours of kindness in October. Last year we achieved 2034 hours but this year it was a little trickier. However, we still achieved over 3000 hours. We are always so pleased with everyone working so hard to show kindness everywhere they go.


This year we were unable to visit St Mary’s Church, so we held our Harvest Festival over zoom. Reverend Eve led the way and our school Worship Warriors supported with prayers, poems and Bible readings. As always our parents were generous with their donations that were collected by St Mary’s Church and donated to the local foodbanks.

Time to Shine Challenges

Mr Colbran set up a range of challenges this year to get the children and their families working together so we could all show our amazing talents. Some of the challenges included:

  • I’m A Photographer
  • I’m A Spelling Champion
  • I’m An Inventor
  • I’m An Artist

We also painted memorial pebbles to celebrate those across the world who have fought hard now and in the past to give us all a good and fair life. We entered the national Heroes Stamp Design Competition and took part in a sponsored Fun Run to raise money for charities.

Guide Dogs Superstar

One of our amazing superstars has continued her fundraising to support the Guide Dogs. Scarlett has worked so hard to raise £10,000 so she could help the people at Guide Dogs to help others and to have the chance to name one of their new guide dog puppies. Scarlett and her family found different ways to raise the money and even ended up in the local paper and on the radio. We are so very proud of our Guide Dog Fundraising Superstar and will be welcoming the charity back into school soon as well as helping Scarlett on in her next challenge.


Every year, children and adults help to clear and replant our calm area with seeds that were kindly donated to the school. As a community, it is important for us to have an area that helps us develop a range of skills but also helps boost our wellbeing. Our garden area certainly does that! As the spring turns into summer, we always look forward to having beautiful plants to look at as well as supporting our country’s insects and wildlife. This year, a number of our children have helped to create the mural for the school community.

Reflection areas


Each classroom has a Prayer corner or reflection area, which are changed and added to regularly following Worship. They are a place where the children can come and ponder, reflect and pray. The areas have one of our Christian Values as its focal point and will include Bible verses, big or reflective questions, other artefacts and pictures to engage the children in thought and prayer. They usually follow the same theme as Collective Worship to enable the children to deepen their understanding and thoughts behind each Christian message. The children and staff are welcome to leave notes that reflect answers to the questions on the display or leave prayers in the prayer box.

Whole school prayer areas

As a school we felt it was important to have different prayer points for the whole school community to engage with. Currently we have our: 

  • Prayer and Reflection Area at the school entrance where both adults and children can contribute prayers over the term. It follows a theme for the term and is used to celebrate Christian festivals or special dates throughout the year such as Harvest, Remembrance Day and Advent. 
  • Collective Worship board in the hall. Children are able to look at it and the reflective questions during Collective Worship or other times they are in the hall.
  • A World Prayer board in the hall. This is changed termly to reflect issues around the world that need our prayers and thoughts as a community. It helps stimulate conversations about global issues and how we as a community can support others and be God’s stewards.
  • A Diversity board in the hall. This is a new board to reflect the diversity of our school community, our local community and our national community. The key focus will be understanding and showing respect for the differences our community has and show our value of Everyone Is Important.
  • We have our reflective outside space, within our garden and quiet area. We have a seating area which has key reflective questions or images to stimulate our children into deepening their views. The table has a labyrinth on it and our Worship Warriors have been trained in how to use it to help others. We have a prayer tree that members of staff have made for us and a newly painted mural wall that the children designed and painted themselves.

These areas have a huge impact on the children’s spiritual lives. We hope to develop the children’s relationship with God when they write their prayers and to deepen their understanding and reflective thinking through our reflective questions.

Godly Play Sessions

Godly Play is a reflective story session where stories from the Bible are shared using models. The children experience this each term in small groups or as a whole class and are then asked to reflect on the story and the learning they can take from it. How the children reflect is completely down to them and could take the form of writing their thoughts or drawing pictures, acting, making models etc. The stories we have told can link to our Christians Values or units of work in RE, such as The Prodigal Son, The Mustard Seed or The Creation Story. We also look at stories from other faiths, thinking about how they impact on other’s lives and are similar to Christianity.


SIAMS Inspection: The SIAMS process has been devised by the National Society to standardise inspection practices and judgements in all Church of England and Methodist Schools and to meet the requirements of Section 48 of the Education Act 2005

SIAMS/S48 judges the distinctiveness and effectiveness of the school as a Church of England school and aims to help schools improve as church schools

The new SIAMS Evaluation Schedule came into operation in September 2018.

SIAMS inspection focuses on the impact of the Church school’s Christian vision on pupils and adults. This involves looking at the school’s Christian vision, the provision the school makes because of this vision and how effective this provision is in enabling all pupils and adults to flourish.  

The Evaluation Schedule has one inspection question: how effective is the school’s distinctive Christian vision, established and promoted by leadership at all levels, in enabling pupils and adults to flourish? 

This is explored through seven strands:

  • Vision and Leadership 
  • Wisdom, Knowledge and Skills 
  • Character Development: Hope, Aspiration and Courageous Advocacy
  • Community and Living Well Together 
  • Dignity and Respect 
  • The impact of Collective Worship
  • The effectiveness of Religious Education 

Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS)

Kennington Church of England Academy had its last SIAMS Inspection in March 2020. We received an overall grading of EXCELLENTUnder the new schedule, this is the highest grading that can be given to a school. We have been given clear, small steps to continue to achieve, celebrate and succeed everything that we can as a community.

The Church

As a Church School we aim to work extremely closely with our parish of St Mary’s and the clergy, who are involved in our worship and governance and are a resource for religious education and pastoral care.

The Reverend Eve Lanchantin retired in June 2020 as the team vicar in charge at St Mary’s Church and we have since welcomed Reverend Dawn Stamper. Reverend Dawn has joined us in school to lead worship each term as well as help celebrate the special events such as Harvest, Christmas and Easter. We also work alongside other members of the church to support worship, take part in the Church services and support each other with Christmas Fayres.

Our classes at Kennington CE Academy visit St Mary’s Church as part of our special reflection days, such as Harvest, Christmas, Easter and Leaver’s Service,  and during our RE teaching about Christianity. 

The church clergy are always happy to chat with any child, member of staff or parent should they find that helpful, offering spiritual, emotional or pastoral support. The church website is here:


So far we have supported:

We held a copper coin collection around the number 21 and a best dress non-uniform day for 21Together, a charity to support those with Downs Syndrome.

Pilgrims Hospice

We suppport events held by Pilgrims Hospice including the Night to Shine and the Snow Dogs competition. We designed and painted our own puppy that then went out on the trail at Ashford Outlet before returning home to us.

Compassion UK

As part of our Christmas Fayre in 2018, the Worship Warriors raised money by selling cakes and running their own stalls. We are now in our 3rd year of sponsoring a little girl from El Salvador so that she can go to school and gain the education she deserves. We will raise money for her sponsorship each year so we can sponsor her until she finishes her education. We are so proud to know that as a school community, we can support another child’s right to learn and develop her talents so she can become all that God intended for her. Please contact the school if you would like to know more information about the little girl.


We collect donations on behalf of Hygiene Bank. We also help the environment by collecting batteries and recycling paper.