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Art Curriculum


At Kennington CE Academy we believe that the teaching and learning of art is important as it stimulates creativity, imagination and inventiveness. The purpose of art education is to give pupils the skills, concepts and knowledge necessary for them to express their ideas in visual or tactile form.  It fires their imagination and is a fundamental means of personal expression.  Where possible we try and link the children’s art lessons to their topic work; providing the children with opportunities in drawing, painting, sculpture and other craft and design techniques.

2019-2020 Art 
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2018-2019 Art

Children from all years across the school had the opportunity to go on an art trip to Conningbrooke Lake. After walking from school to the lakes they were met by two people from Outdoor Studios organisation, who are working with the housing development companies to provide art opportunities for local artists and schools. They started by looking at sculptures created by Julia Clarke, an artist who will have willow sculptures in the new housing development and around the lakes. Using these ideas they then created their own natural sketch books. Children were not given any conventional art materials such as pencils, pens, paint, paintbrushes but had to use what they could find in the natural environment around the lake to create their pictures. They experimented rubbing flowers and leaves, using charcoal and mixing mud with water to create a paint like mixture. After this they then had the chance to complete some Hapa Zome printing, this is a Japanese form of printing using dyes from the natural environment. Children selected different leaves and plants and placed them on some cotton material then rolled, hammered and pressed them to get the dye from the plant onto the material. Some excellent prints were created where children used the natural materials to produce a print of the trees and nature.

Meet our Aspiring Artists 
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Each year group chose a child to be an art lead, they are Aspiring Artists. The children can support others with their art in the year group and help develop art across the school. Children were given a simple plain lanyard and id badge wallet. They have used their creative flair to design and draw their own unique Aspiring Artists labels. 


Competitions 1

Our school winners for the Litter Angels competition receiving their certificates from Damien Green MP and a McDonalds representative, who sponsored the competition. 

Litter Angels is a charity working around Ashford to help raise the awareness of problems dropping litter can cause. These two children designed posters to encourage people to not drop litter. 

Art Exhibition

Please look in the Christian Distinctive area of the website for images of the children's Christian Value artwork that was exhibited in the local church.

Snow Pup
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As part of a community project linked with Pilgrims Hospice, Ashford Borough Council and Wild in Art the school was given a Snow Pup to decorate. All children in the school were given the opportunity to enter a competition to have their design painted on the pup. Five different designs were chosen and amalgamated together to create the final school design. Inspired by our school theme in term 5 ‘What a Wonderful World’ the design include St Mary’s Church, which appears in our school log. The words reflect important aspects for life and the world, the flags represent all the nationalities that are in our school and our core values appear on clouds on the pup’s back. The winners, as well as other children in the school painted the main designs. Everyone in the school (staff and pupils) added their fingerprint to a cloud to be involved. The pup was named Quily, linked to the academy. When it was completed the pup joined a trail of other pups and dogs that were positioned in different locations around Ashford for people to find.

This project, as it was linked to the Pilgrims Hospice, also helped raise awareness of bereavement and ways to support children and families that may experience it. The school held different events to raise money for the charity.

Quily has returned to school for all to enjoy and is proudly on display welcoming visitors into the school.


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