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We have been judged Good under the Ofsted framework with areas of Outstanding in the October 2017 inspection ...

Yr3 Salisbury

Term 3
This term we have been learning about "What a disaster!". We have been looking at the disaster of Pompeii and acting out the events which happened to cause such a disaster. Can you see how we were feeling by looking at our facial expressions?

Escaping Pompeii

Investigating Numberbonds

Investigating Numberbonds 1
Investigating Numberbonds 2
Investigating Numberbonds 3
Investigating Numberbonds 4
Investigating Numberbonds 5
Investigating Numberbonds 6
This week we have been investigating patterns in number bonds. We have used our knowledge of number bonds to 10 to find facts about number bonds to 20, 100 and 1000. It was very tricky at first but with determination and team work... We did it! Well Done Team Salisbury x

The Boudica Story

The Boudica Story 1 The story of Boudica
The Boudica Story 2 The story of Boudica
This week the children have been acting about the Boudicca story. Through drama the children experienced how it felt to prepare for battle and used a range of vocabulary to describe these emotions. The children then applied what they had experienced, to write a detailed diary entry describing this revolt for a Celts point of view.

Welcome to Year 3 Salisbury Class!


Picture 1
We have been investigating the story of Noah - We have been thinking about what type of person Noah was and how these personality traits helped him to keep his faith in God. These are the words we came up with.
Picture 1
Picture 2
We have also been learning to partition 3 digit numbers and order them according to size. It was very tricky but we used lots of equipment to help us.
Picture 1
This week we have been learning what living things need to survive. We sorted objects into groups and discussed what they all had in common.
Term 1 Letters
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