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We have been judged Good under the Ofsted framework with areas of Outstanding in the October 2017 inspection ...

Yr3 Coventry

Welcome to Year 3 Coventry Class!



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Our Roman Army

Our Roman Army  1
Our Roman Army  2

Roman Invasion

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Drama has helped us to remember the events of the Roman invasion from a Celt's point of view. There were people in shock at seeing the Roman ships sailing towards them. Hearts were pounding at the sound of the steady taunting drum beat. We pointed to our friends what we could see as we couldn't believe our eyes at the sight of dozens of ships heading straight for us, some of us even shivered in fear. We dashed back to the village to warn the others, looking back to check they hadn't landed yet. Then we lay in wait, hiding among the bushes. The last bits of war paint were added to our faces to make us look fierce. Then we charged!

Celt Life

Linked to our topic 'Who Settled Here?' children learned about what daily life might have been like for the Celts. They acted out different daily life events to help them understand. First they built their round house from wood, mud and dung! Then the men went out hunting for food like wild boar, bear and deer while most of the women stayed back at the village, some went out gathering berries and plants. They cooked on the fire in their round house, dyed wool and wove it into fabric clothes,  ground corn to make bread and looked after the animals. They then ate nettle soup, which some were a bit unsure about, even though they were just pretending! 

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Maths Place Value

Maths Place Value 1

We practiced ordering 3 digit numbers. Lots of discussion about how we knew the correct order took place by explaining and looking at the place value of the digits. We were able to compare the numbers by explaining how many more hundreds, tens or ones our numbers had compared to a partners.



In RE we have been studying the story of Noah and why it is important to Christians. After discussing what a covenant was, what the covenant God made with Noah was and why it is important we thought of our own covenants we could make to make places on Earth better. We used coloured cubes to guide a class discussion each green cube was an idea that was agreed, a red cube meant someone disagreed with what was last said and a black cube meant someone had a question to further the discussion or changed the topic. The class came up with many ideas about what they could do to try and make the world a better place such as using less electricity, recycling more, picking up rubbish and helping wild animals.


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