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This week at Kennington CE Academy: On Monday 17th September there is a Friends Social at the Conningbrook Pub from 8pm. Internal afterschool clubs start on the week commencing Monday 17th September. Your child should have received a letter indicating which clubs they have been allocated. If they have not received the letter or you would like to apply for clubs if you haven’t done so already, please contact the school office Friday 21st September is a non-school uniform day. We ask that the children wear jeans/denim to supports ‘Jeans for Genes’. There is a suggested donation of £1.

RE (Religious Education)



Religious Education is a core subject at our school and we use the new Understanding Christianity units alongside the new Kent Agreed Syllabus, which includes the other world religions.

As with any church school, the majority of our studies are Christianity focused, yet we hope that our studies have impact beyond the lesson and overflow into all aspects of school life.

Opportunities to develop spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues are often explored. Encouraging the children to think and discuss thought provoking topics, it helps develop speaking and listening skills whilst it also encourages the children to be respectful of other people’s opinions, beliefs and practices. We draw upon a wider range of stimulus for RE including role play, hot seating, film clips, art, visitors, IT, music, poetry, the school environment, talk partners, artefacts and our local church-St Mary’s so pupils have opportunities to learn both about religion and from religion. Where possible, we want our children to have opportunities to encounter local faith communities through visits to local places of worship or visits from members of local faith communities. We want to enable our children to develop the ability to make their own reasoned and informed judgements about the religious and moral issues which arise from reflection on human experience and a study of religious beliefs and practice. For them to consider ways in which beliefs, values and traditions might have significance for their own lives.

Religious Education at Kennington CE Academy is fun but also reflective, and is delivered in a variety of imaginative ways so that each child has the time and space to deepen their own understanding of God and appreciate something of how the Christian Community, both locally and nationally, responds to a busy and complex world.

A few of our wonderful RE displays

A few of our wonderful RE displays 1
A few of our wonderful RE displays 2
A few of our wonderful RE displays 3
A few of our wonderful RE displays 4