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Ofsted says: ‘Governors are inquisitive, challenging and responsive’– October 2017




We have found that immersing children in a range of creative activities before starting a unit of work means that they are fully prepared, and excited, about the reading journey ahead of them. Through drama, out of school visits, painting and video clips the children have a chance to share vocabulary, ideas and concepts which gives their reading and writing fresh meaning and purpose. Through termly theme weeks we enable the children to explore their passions and interests and encourage them to express their understanding in a variety of ways.


This year we are promoting two new reading initiatives: -

Accelerated reading

Daily guided reading – deepening understanding of a range of texts (started April 2017)


We are proud of our writing success again this year and will continue to promote excellence by focusing on Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar.

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

We will be using a variety of techniques to focus on raising standard in this aspect of English, using ‘No nonsense Spelling and Grammar’.

The four winning entries for the Radio 2 five hundred word story competition. Wait to find out next week which story was voted as the winning story by parents in our pupil conferencing!