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This week at Kennington CE Academy: On Monday 17th September there is a Friends Social at the Conningbrook Pub from 8pm. Internal afterschool clubs start on the week commencing Monday 17th September. Your child should have received a letter indicating which clubs they have been allocated. If they have not received the letter or you would like to apply for clubs if you haven’t done so already, please contact the school office Friday 21st September is a non-school uniform day. We ask that the children wear jeans/denim to supports ‘Jeans for Genes’. There is a suggested donation of £1.

Christian Worship

Our beautiful prayer corners

Our beautiful prayer corners 1
Our beautiful prayer corners 2
Our beautiful prayer corners 3
Our beautiful prayer corners 4
Our beautiful prayer corners 5
Our beautiful prayer corners 6
Our beautiful prayer corners 7
Our beautiful prayer corners 8
Our beautiful prayer corners 9
Our beautiful prayer corners 10
Our beautiful prayer corners 11

We also welcome visitors from the community or St Mary’s Church to run Collective Worship.

Family worship for each class happens once a year within the termly theme and now happens in the morning from 9-9.20am.

Our planning for Collective Worship links closely to the Church of England calendar so important dates such as Harvest, Christmas and Easter celebrations are planned with members from St Mary’s Church.

Captain Graham leading Collective Worship.

Captain Graham leading Collective Worship. 1
Captain Graham leading Collective Worship. 2

Worship Warriors

This year we have an amazing 17 Worship Warriors to support our Collective Worship and to help support our development of our Christian Vision and Values around school. They will run their own Collective Worship sessions and talk to other children to share ideas of what the children enjoy and how we can move Collective Worship forwards. They will talk to visitors about our Christians Vision and Values and share all the good work we do as a school. They have even set up their own lunch club with a guest speaker of Reverend Eve.


 Our School Ethos


We are an inclusive community where Christian Vision and Values empower us. We work with pride and passion to create life-long learners who fulfil their potential as God intended. If we work together, we will be the very best that we can be; achieving, celebrating and succeeding whilst having fun.


1 Peter 3:8

All of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble.



Our school values

All children, staff and governors were involved in developing our Christian Values.

It is these values that form the foundations of our Christian Vision at Kennington CE Academy and underpin everything we do.

Each value is explicitly Christian and linked to Jesus, His example and His teachings, in the form of parable, to make it memorable.

We celebrate them during our daily worship and explore them in all areas of our curriculum.

Most importantly, we live them out in everything we do.

Our Christian Values are:

  • Love and Care
  • Giving
  • Forgiveness
  • Everyone is Important
  • Using your Talents

We are also including the Church of England's core values that they have introduced last year:

  • Hope
  • Community
  • Dignity
  • Wisdom

You can find out more by following the link to the National Society website at:


Reflection areas


Each classroom has a Prayer corner or reflection area, which are changed and added to regularly following worship. They are a place where the children can come and ponder, reflect and pray.

The areas have one of our Christian Values as its focal point and will include Bible verses, reflective questions, other artefacts and pictures to engage the children in thought and prayer.

They usually follow the same theme as Collective Worship to enable the children to deepen their understanding and thoughts behind each Christian message.


Whole school prayer areas

As a school we felt it was important to have different prayer points for the whole school community to engage with. Currently we have our

A) Reflection area in the entrance hall which both adults and children can contribute prayers to over the term. It follows a theme for the term and is used to celebrate Christian festivals or special dates throughout the year such as Harvest, Remembrance Day and Advent. 

B) Our prayer tree located near the year 3 classrooms where children can leave prayers or respond to reflective questions.

C) Collective Worship board in the hall so children are able to look at it and the reflective questions during Collective Worship or other times they are in the hall.

D) We now have our reflective outside space, near our garden and quiet area. We have a brand new seating area which has key reflective questions or images to stimulate our children into deepening their views. This area will be updated this term- look out for the new aspects that the Worship Warriors will help to ddevelop.


These areas have a huge impact on the children’s spiritual lives, we hope to develop children’s relationship with God when they write their prayers and to deepen their understanding and reflective thinking through our reflective questions.

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