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District Moderation of Writing in 2018: Good practice at Kennington C of E Academy. At the recent district writing moderation of Key Stage 2, good practice in assessing children and recording their achievements was identified by the moderators. The evidence was varied, clearly annotated, appropriate for the judgements the children were assessed at and showed their independent work. The moderators were particularly impressed by the high-quality evidence your school produced and the following comments were noted: Range of picture books that were used in Y6 produced extremely rich vocabulary.

Bad Weather

Our priority is always to keep the school open and you should always try and ensure that your child(ren) attend as normal. Closures occur very occasionally. At these times it may be very difficult for you to contact school by telephone, which is needed for outgoing calls. It is therefore important for you to tune into one of the following radio stations for the latest and most frequent updates. Unless a message is broadcast via these radio stations then it is safe to assume the school is open.

  • Heart (formerly Invicta) (96.1 or 102.8 – 103.1 FM)


If a decision is made to close the school we will update our website and a message will appear on the scrolling bar. If you have provided us with your mobile telephone number we will also send a text message confirming our decision. At times this message service will be in high demand and messages can be severely delayed and you may have heard via the radio or website before then. Re-opening times will also be relayed using the same methods.


Whilst we always work in close collaboration with Downs View there may be times when one school is able to open whilst the other has to close. This is entirely due to the number of staff being able to reach the schools and not due to on site conditions.